Gerhard in the Gwoza Hills (1996)


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  Introduction to the bibliography

This bibliography contains only publications which are relevant to the ethnography of the Northern Mandaras. The ethnographic boundaries of the Northern Mandaras towards its surounding plains are set by the Margi and Lamang in the west, the Gamergu and Wandala in the north, and the Gisiga and Fulbe in the east. Towards the central plateau in the south they are set by the Gawar and Kapsiki-Higi, which are considered as ethnic groups bridging the Southern Mandaras.

Due to software limitations from when the bibliography was created in 1999, all entries are still spelt without accents and linguistic fonts. The bibliography contains almost 1000 titles and I apologise to find it too much work to change that now.

I aim to update the bibliography regularely but would be grateful if visitors would be so kind to alert me to missing updates. Thank you!

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