List of Ethnic Units

The list and map of the ethnic units and sub-units presented further below have been produced by Muller-Kosack (1999) on the basis of field research and the study of ethnographic literature. The list is alphabetically ordered according to the three main geographical regions of the northern Mandara mountains::

1. Eastern and Western Ranges (Cameroon and Nigeria)
2. Centre and Plateau (mainly Cameroon)
3. Foothills and Plains (Cameroon and Nigeria)

Each ethnic unit or sub-unit is hyperlinked to a brief description of the ethnic group that unit is associated with using the following six criteria :

1. Name (first historical mentioning and local/regional meaning)
2. Location (topographical, administrative, next door neighbour)
3. Population (figures and estimates of number and density)
4. Language (linguistic affiliations as part of Central Chadic A)
5. Ethnicity (ethnic identity, and grouping of units and sub-units)
6. Literature (main literature results and many open questions)

View from Dzga in the Gwoza Hills


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Eastern & Western Ranges Centre & Plateau Foothills & Plains
Amuda Bulahay Dugur
Chikide Buwal Fulbe
Chinene Cuvok Gamergu/Malgwe
Damay Fulbe Gisiga
Dghwede Gavar Glavda
Duvangar Kapsiki Gwoza-Wakane
Durum Mabas Hidkala
Ganjara Mafa-Bulahay Higi
Gava Maf-Mafa Hurza
Gemjek Mefele Kiva
Guduf Mofu-Gudur Lamang
Gvoko Mohour Luvua
Hide/Tur Sirak Mandara
Kurang Shugule Maya
Kusarha Vizik Margi
Mada   Mboku
Meri   Mikiri
Mineo   Mokyo-Molkwo
Mofu-Diamare   Muyang
Mora   Plata/Plasla
Muduvu   Tsere
Muktele   Uvagha
Ndalmi   Vale
Podokwa   Vemgo
Sukur   Wadela
Uldeme   Waga
Vame-Mbreme   Wize
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