Hardback (21,5 x 30,5 cm),
581 pages (with extensive colour and greyscale illustration):

A fragmentary history of the Dghwede of the Mandara Mountains
A history from the grassroots
Mandaras Publishing 2021
Ramsgate, Kent (UK)
ISBN 978-1-906168-14-8

The bulk of this massive tome, generously illustrated (maps, figures, tables, plates), presents what is known of Dghwede culture in twenty-three varied chapters ranging from the material to the ideational, with emphasis on kinship and ritual. Oral traditions — the main legacy of the Gwoza hills montagnards — are at their core and are subjected to critical analysis. A labour of love and fine scholarship, this is the first extended ethnographic account from this region and will be warmly welcomed by specialists for its broad coverage and inferences and, a generation hence, by Dghwede descendants eager to explore their cultural heritage. All readers will gain a heightened appreciation of the multiple uncertainties with which ethnographers must wrestle.
(see blurb by Nic David)

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